Wednesday, 27 July 2011

It Does Feel Good...!

*Kali ni nak mengomel dalam Bahasa Inggeris la pulak.. Errr... Ehhmm.. Ehmmm.. Boleh lagi ke aku menulis dalam Bahasa Inggeris setelah lama otak ni dibiarkan berkarat..? Ngeh ngeh ngehhh.. 

I was pissed off with someone earlier today.. Arggghhhh..! Feel like strangling this person..! Always taking me for granted.. And me, always ended up hurt and feeling sorry for myself.. Duhhh... :(

Anyway, it happened just before I fetched Qiqie Ila from school. I tried not to think much about it, don't wanna stress myself out while driving.. I was singing on top of my voice in the car trying to make myself happy.. Hahaha.. So pathethic..

Just before I leave the house, I saw my next door neighbour arrived home from work.. She waved at me with this big grin on her face.. I smiled and waved back.. Gosh.. Dunno why but I felt a bit relieved from the tense that was building up inside.. 

I drove on.. And I passed this lady driver.. And she was smiling at me too..! Don't even know her but I smiled back.. Guess what.. I felt much much better..! It does feel good when you smile..! Hahaha.. 
So you guys out there, whenever you feel down, sad or angry.. Try give a smile to someone...It may help you feel better... Hehehehe Well.. It worked on me.. :)
*All photos are courtesy from Google search.


  1. waaa, impressed lerr... pernah ada blog in english ker.. saya nak sangat try, tapi tak cukup berani lagi.. hihi.. sebab tak reti sangat nak luahkan emosi dan rasa in english.. kalo tulis report tu reti ler. hhihi..

    yup, you are absolutely right.. a smile can mend a broken heart.. :)

  2. kih kih kih.. saya xpenah ada blog in english pon.. cuma minat menulis je dlm bm and english.. keje dulu pun banyak kena buat writing gak.. cuma sejak dah jadik surirumah ni, skill menulis sume dah berkarat dan hancuss.. heheheh


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